Aloahas Enecsys REST APIs

To use the REST APIs you have to register your gateway with our server as explained here.

Please note that we also have graphical APIs.

Enecsys REST API:

The URL is:

If you call the above URL without parameter it will do the following:

  1. Try to figure out your IP
  2. In case it find a Gateway submitting data via your IP it takes the Gateways Serialnumber
  3. Returns Lifetime Generation in kWhs

You can overwrite the detection of the IP with the following command:

You can also specify directly the Serialnumber of your Gateway or Inverter:

Of course you can also add commands. For example to list all connected inverters please use:


Get CSV List (c=csv):

Get Excel File (c=xls):

Get HTML Table (c=t):

Get HTML formatted Table (c=htm):

The above link is ideal to place it somewhere on your desktop, Android device or any other mobile phone or tablet. For the future we are planning some real mobile apps!


Get AC Wattage (c=AC_W):


Get DC Wattage (c=DC_W):


Get LT Generation (c=LT):
(same as URL without c parameter)


Get Inverter Status (c=status):

If the status is 0 then everything is OK. If the status is > 0 then there is a problem. For example No Sun (4), etc.


More to follow soon! Please do not hesitate to contact us at